The show ran for 65 episodes totaling four seasons.


Season 1: 2007-2008Edit

Icarly fanan Season 1

The first season first premiered on November 21, 2007 with the episode "iGo Back In Time". This season constied of 20 episodes. It ended on October 25, 2008 with the episode "iiHate Valerie". The DVD was released on May 3, 2009.

Season no. Episode no. Title Code Airdate
1 1 iGo Back In Time to help Adolf Hitler 101 November 21, 2007
2 2 iGet Attacked 102 November 31, 2007
3 3 iVision 103 December 4, 2007
4 4 iCryed At The Funeral 104 December 14, 2007
5 5 iMeet A Bad Boy 105 December 23, 2007
6 6 iGet Invaded 106 December 31, 2007
7 7 iGo Crazy 107 Janurary 3, 2008
8 8 iHate Violet 108 Janurary 17, 2008
9 9 iRip Off 109 Feburary 14, 2008
10 10 iHate Scary Movies! 110 Feburary 29, 2008
11-12 11-12 iHannah Montana 111-112 June 19, 2008
13 13 iPod 113 July 14, 2008
14 14 iHave A New Guy 114 July 26, 2008
15 15 iHate Jake Now 115 August 23, 2008
16 16 iNeed A Plan 116 September 2, 2008
17-18 17-18 iAm Going To Hollywood 117-118 September 2, 2008
19 19 iNever Know Nevel 119 September 23, 2008
20 20 iHate Valerie 120 October 25, 2008

# Title Brief Summary Airdate
1 iGo Back In Time to help Adolf Hitler Carly, Sam and Freddie go back in time to help German Führer, Adolf Hitler November 21, 2007
2 iGet Attacked Sam gets attacked by the computer by Spencer opening the door. November 31, 2007
3 iVision A television sucks Carly, Sam and Spencer in 3 different world, Carly is in a website universe, Sam is trapped in a BBC News universe and Spencer is in a chinease universe from IGo to Japan. December 4, 2007
4 iCryed At The Funeral Carly's grandmother dies by falling out of her window by a thief. December 14, 2007
5 iMeet A Bad Boy Carly gets a crush on a bully who picks on Gibby. Meanwhile Sam gets a flu. December 23, 2007
6 iGet Invaded Invader Zim wants to be on ICarly. December 31, 2007
7 iGo Crazy A bite causes Sam to go crazy. Janurary 3, 2008
8 iHate Violet There is a new girl in the school named Violet Roseatulipson, who Sam & Carly think they can be friends with, but turns out to be spoiled rotten and thinks she can get anything she wants. Meanwhile, Freddie starts acting all weird. Janurary 17, 2008
9 iRip Off Freddie tries to make Carly like him by ordering a pet cardinal, her favorite bid. But when he gets it in the mail, he finds that it is plastic. Will he find a way to get a real one. Feburary 14, 2008
10 iHate Scary Movies! Carly, Sam, Freddy, and Spencer watch a scart movie that gives them nightmares.Carly thinks that her nightmare is real,and then when she wakes up she has a webcast on ghosts,ghouls and scary things. Feburary 29, 2008
11-12 iHannah Montana Carly wants Hannah Montana on iCarly. June 19, 2008
13 iPod Carly wants a new iPod but it is too expensive. Sam and Freddie help Carly with crazy ways to earn money. July 14, 2008
14 iHave A New Guy Carly gets a new boyfriend Justin (Alex Hale). She loves him, and he loves her. but what does Freddie think? Freddie gets jealous and tries breaking things on iCarly and blaming it on Justin, but Carly does not believe Freddie and stays with Justin. But how long can he do stuff without Carly thinking it is Justin.
Note: This is Alex Hale's first episode has ever been in.
July 26, 2008
15 iHate Jake Now Jake figures out Carly thinks he is a bad singer. He tries to sing very bad on iCarly and then he steals Freddie's stuff and destroys it. Spencer tries to fight him but Jake learns Black-Belt Kung Fu when he was 10 and wounds Spencer very bad.
Note: This is a sequel to iLike Jake.
August 23, 2008
16 iNeed A Plan Carly doesn't know what to put on iCarly this week so she asks her viewers and she gets half a million suggestions. Spencer doesn't know what kind of art to do when he is bored so he asks iCarly viewers too and he gets half a billion suggestions and tries to do 500 of them! September 2, 2008
17-18 iAm Going To Hollywood Carly and the gang sneak on a limo to Hollywood to do the iCarly movie. They run into Bill Cosby and get stuck with him so Spencer distracts him.
Note: Bill Cosby guest stars. This episode is 45 minutes long.
September 2, 2008
19 iNever Know Nevel Nevel returns with a dad that is a chief of police at the AA (army academy). Nevel's dad is also a scientist and will help Nevel wipe out iCarly. Carly figures out he is Colonel Morgan and her dad's boss. If she interfiers, Colonel Morgan and her dad will be fired and tortured. They move to California to do iCarly but Nevel kidnaps Carly on the airplane. September 23, 2008
20 iHate Valerie Valerie Lonoc has returned with a proffesional photographer! She has exact duplicates of Carly and Sam. She will copy iCarly and tell lies about it! How will Carly and Sam win? They can't shut down her webshow just because they don't like it. C.M. or her dad won't do it. What will iCarly do? October 25, 2008

Season 2: 2009-2010Edit

  • Icarly fanan season 2

The second season first premiered on March 1, 2009 with the episode "iKissed Freddie". This season constied of 12 episodes. It ended on Feburary 16, 2010 with the episode "iMissed You!". The DVD was released on March 23, 2010.

Season no. Episode no. Title Code Airdate
1 21 iKissed Freddie 201 March 1, 2009
2 22 iAm In Love With Spencer 202 March 2, 2009
3 23 iSkate Board 203 March 3, 2009
4 24 iLove Freddie 204 March 4, 2009
5 25 iMust Go To The Party 205 March 5, 2009
6 26 iNeed To Speak Spanish 206 July 11, 2009
7 27 iHost A Modeling Gig 207 July 12, 2009
8 28 iMeet Drake Bell 208 July 13, 2009
9 29 iEnter a Talent Show 209 July 14, 2009
10 30 iWant To Be #1 210 July 15, 2009
11 31 i2010 211 Janurary 1, 2010
12 32 iMissed You! 212 Feburary 16, 2010
# Title Brief Summary Airdate
21 iKissed Freddie During a webcast Sam and Freddie accidently kiss each other. That's when Carly starts getting jealous. Meanwhile Spencer desperatly tries to find the piece he sculpted for a wedding cake. March 1, 2009
22 iAm In Love With Spencer Carly brings a girl onto their webshow and she starts to fall in love with Spencer. She starts to take over the webshow and bring Spencer on every single webcast. March 2, 2009
23 iSkate Board iCarly wants a very special person and it is Tony Hawk. March 3, 2009
24 iLove Freddie Carly falls in love with Freddie. Meanwhile, Spencer and Sam try to win money. March 4, 2009
25 iMust Go To The Party Carly goes to a party without her friends, and has fun all alone. Meanwhile, iCarly is getting more viewers than it should. March 5, 2009
26 iNeed To Speak Spanish Carly, Sam and Freddie find out they have Spanish viewers and Carly wants them to understand iCarly so Carly wants to learn Spanish. Meanwhile, Sam, Spencer and Freddie try to win money by making everything people say. July 11, 2009
27 iHost A Modeling Gig Sam and Freddie was Carly to date someone new, so they host a modeling gig on iCarly for a bunch of hot guys. Each of the guys go shirtless, and Carly gets to pick one. Meanwhile, Spencer looses all of his clothes and is stuck in only his boxers. July 12, 2009
28 iMeet Drake Bell Carly and Sam think it would be cool if an actor or actress appeared live on iCarly so they get Drake Bell but then it becomes tons of trouble when lots of Drake Bell fans crowd in Carly's apartment and Spencer isn't happy about it. Drake Bell also goes shirtless which draws a wilder crowd. July 13, 2009
29 iEnter a Talent Show Sam and Freddie enter the talent show. Meanwhile, Carly has to use the bathroom until 3:00 in the morning. July 14, 2009
30 iWant To Be #1 The iCarly crew competes to be the number one most viewed webshow online with other popular webshows. July 15, 2009
31 i2010 Carly, Sam, Freddie and Spencer each make a New Year's resoulution. But, when iCarly does a midnight iCarly New Year Segment, the lights black out and Carly and the gang have to get the camera working before 2010. Janurary 1, 2010
32 iMissed You! Carly's dad comes back from the navy and on iCarly, Carly's dad shows stuff from the navy. Meanwhile Spencer breaks his foot falling down the stairs, and ends up in the hospital. Feburary 16, 2010

Season 3: 2010-2011Edit

icarly fanan Season 3

The thrid season first premiered on April 5, 2010 with the episode "iHave A Nightmare". This season constied of 22 episodes. It ended on March 10, 2011 with the episode "iHave a New Friend". The DVD was released on April 23, 2011.

Season no. Episode no. Title Code Airdate
1 33 iHave A Nightmare 301 April 5, 2010
2 34 iAm A Racer 302 April 17, 2010
3 35 iCarly .VS. Go-Go Jamboree 303 April 29, 2010
4 36 iCan't Remember 304 May 16, 2010
5 37 iLost Viewers 305 May 23, 2010
6 38 iNeed Money 306 May 30, 2010
7 39 iCrush Freddie's Cousin 307 June 23, 2010
8 40 iDidn't Kiss Freddie 308 July 3, 2010
9 41 iCan't Wait for the Reunion 309 July 17, 2010
10 42 iDon't Believe It's iCarly's 100th 310 July 24, 2010
11 43 iClip Show 311 August 9, 2010
12 44 iRealize That I Actually Like Freddie 312 Feburary 16, 2010
13 45 iBarbeque 313 August 30, 2010
14 46 iDance on Sunset 314 September 14, 2010
15 47 iChristina vs. iKalie 315 September 14, 2010
16 48 iMeet The Jonas Brothers 316 September 26, 2010
17 49 iSpy 317 October 9, 2010
18 50 iTruth Or Dare You! 318 October 20, 2010
19 51 iSpencer's Girlfriend 319 January 8, 2011
20 52 iWere Kidnapped 320 Janurary 29, 2011
21 53 iForgot Your Birthday 321 February 20, 2011
22 54 iHave a New Friend 322 March 10, 2011
# Title Brief Summary Airdate
33 iHave A Nightmare Carly has a bad dream about running away from home. April 5, 2010
34 iAm A Racer Carly and Sam become racers. April 17, 2010
35 iCarly .VS. Go-Go Jamboree Carly meets up with the leader of Go-Go Jamboree and asks to see who will get the most viewers in a battle. The iCarly team gets an unexpected surprise guest, Valerie! Will iCarly win with one of their wort enemies. April 29, 2010
36 iCan't Remember Carly has a terrible accident at school and then she can't remember anything. Meanwhile Freddie, Spencer, and Sam try to bring Carly's memory back before the 75th iCarly webcast where more than 500,000 people are going to watch. Unsuspected things are gonna happen. May 16, 2010
37 iLost Viewers Carly's cousin Alexis comes to visit and wants to do only one webcast with Carly, but she has fun and wants to do it every time they webcast. Viewers first like her and then they don't because she becomes crazy and they stop watching iCarly. Meanwhile, Spencer wants to do a special clock. May 23, 2010
38 iNeed Money Carly gets a cold and spits on the iCarly camera! It stops working and the gang tries to earn some money for a new camera. May 30, 2010
39 iCrush Freddie's Cousin Carly and Sam have a crush on Freddie's cousin Josh, who is staying at Carly's apartment and Sam gets jealous and desides to quite iCarly for good. Meanwhile, Spencer gets a job to do a project about the Earth and gets paid $400,000,000. June 23, 2010
40 iDidn't Kiss Freddie When Freddie trips on a cable, he crashes into Carly making him drop the camera showing their lips together. Will this "kiss" ruin their friendship? Meanwhile, Spencer tries to make a replica of his motorcycle out of ice. July 3, 2010
41 iCan't Wait for the Reunion Carly and Spencer are attend their family reunion and they get to visit their parents again. Carly secretly worries about iCarly because Sam and Freddie do not attend the reunion, so there's really no one but Carly and Spencer to do the show. Alexis Shay, Carly's cousin ends up filling in for Sam, and Spencer doing the camera work.
Note: This is the only episode that Freddie (Nathan Kress) (although he did not appear in iClip Show) and Sam (Jennette McCurdy) do not appear on.
July 17, 2010
42 iDon't Believe It's iCarly's 100th It's iCarly's 100th anniversary webshow so big plans are made, they hire Drake Bell as their musical guest. But when Carly loses her voice, Freddie and Sam try to find a way to still air the 100th webcast of iCarly. July 24, 2010
43 iClip Show Carly, Sam and Spencer are hurt after people start calling them names, so they walk around the loft and Carly's school and have so many flashbacks and that makes them a little more happy than ever in that day.
Note: Although credited, Nathan Kress (Freddie Benson) does not appear in this episode. This is the second time Freddie does not appear in an episode.
August 9, 2010
44 iRealize That I Actually Like Freddie Carly and Sam realize that they both have a crush on Freddie, so when Freddie finds out he has to choose which girl he wants to be his girlfriend. Will he choose Carly or Sam? Meanwhile, one of Spencer's sculptures is going to be in an art museum. August 16, 2010
45 iBarbeque The iCarly gang have a barbeque, and the party goes off the madness when drinks are spilled on the iCarly laptop which causes a big accident. August 30, 2010
46 iDance on Sunset Carly and the iCarly gang go off to Dance on Sunset and dance what they got when the preform "Leave it All to Me" in this very special crossover. September 14, 2010
47 iChristina vs. iKalie iCarly can't go on because Carly has a flu and what's next? An iCarly fan, Christina, comes over. And she starts doing a webshow called iChristina. But her friend, Kalie, comes over too. And she starts her own webshow called iKalie. Freddie can't do 3 webshows in a row! So Sam decides she would be the techenial producer of iKalie. But Freddie needs to be the techenial producer of iCarly! What's next? SPECIAL DELIVERY! The delivery man of California brings Christina a new video-Tech camera! Now iChristina can be cool! September 14, 2010
48 iMeet The Jonas Brothers The Jonas Brothers think iCarly is very famous and they want to be on iCarly. September 26, 2010
49 iSpy Spencer has a new girlfriend. Carly suspects she is cheating on him. When she tells her Spencer doesnt believe her. So, Carly, Sam, And Freddie must spy on Spencer's Girlfriend to catch her cheating. October 9, 2010
50 iTruth Or Dare You! iCarly has a new segement Truth or Dare but is get out of control. October 20, 2010
51 iSpencer's Girlfriend Spencer has a new girlfriend named Bessy. January 8, 2011
52 iWere Kidnapped When Carly, Sam, & Freddie's show is losing viewers, the three decide to interview a woman who was kidnapped by her cousins. Janurary 29, 2011
53 iForgot Your Birthday Carly forgets Spencer's birthday. February 20, 2011
54 iHave a New Friend Carly and Freddie make a new friend but Sam feels left out. March 10, 2011

Season 4 (2011-2Edit

Icarly fanan season 4

The final season first premiered on September 10, 2011 with the episode "iStart Over". This season constied of 11 episodes. It ended on June 3, 2012 with the show's final episode "iEnd iCarly". The DVD was released on November 23, 2012.

Season no. Episode no. Title Code Airdate
1 55 iStart Over 401 September 10, 2011
2 56 iAm Not Gonna Do the Show 402 September 10, 2011
3 57 [[ 403 September 10, 2011
4-5 58-59 iGraduate Spencer 404-405 December 30, 2011
6 60 iStill Love You 406 January 13, 2012
7 61 iWanna Meet the Queen 407 January 20, 2012
8 62 iAnd the Jerk 140 June 1, 2012
9 63 iGaga Over Gaga 141 June 2, 2012
10-11 64-65 iEnd iCarly (series finale) 143 June 3, 2012
# Title Brief Summary Airdate
55 iStart Over Carly and Nevel start over from when she refused to kiss him, they become friends. September 10, 2011
56 iAm Not Gonna Do the Show After Sam and Freddie remember they kissed they won't work together. Meanwhile Spencer tries to get rid of Carly's hiccups before the show starts. September 10, 2011
57 September 10, 2011
58-59 iGraduate Spencer Carly realizes that Spencer hasn't graduated high school and is determined to make sure he gets his diploma. But when their father comes to visit and a disaster occurs at the ceremony, Spencer tells Carly that all he wanted was for his life to remain the way it's always been. Accepting what Spencer said, Carly decides to go with her father when he is needed back at the army base. Meanwhile, Sam must attend summer school. For her first assignment, she must write a biography about a man who has been sent to jail eleven times. December 30, 2011
60 iStill Love You Carly's new summer crush Randolf ends up being an old childhood friend. Carly later realizes that the two have nothing in common, but Randolf is determined to make the realtionship work. Meanwhile, Spencer has a night out with his dad to rekindle their bond. January 13, 2012
61 iWanna Meet the Queen Sam has a sudden urge to meet the queen before her 17th birthday. Carly ask Freddie to help make her dream come true. Freddie can't because he and Gibby are going to Comic-Con with Spencer. To get the queen to notice her, Carly dedicates an iCarly episode to her.The Queen sees it and invites Carly and Sam to the castle. Meanwhile, Spencer, Freddie, and Gibby never get to Comic-Con becuase of traffic. January 20, 2012
62 iAnd the Jerk June 1, 2012
63 iGaga Over Gaga June 2, 2012
64-65 iEnd iCarly al-qaeda fucking bombs icarly's apartment June 3, 2012