IDie is the final episode of ICarly, and also the saddest.


Directed By:

Dan Warp


Dan Warp realized ICarly sucked so hard so he needed to make a final episode, so he did. After the cast got they're final pay checks Dan showed them to the closet so they can get they're coats but Dan Warp brought out a super sharp knife and machine gun and locked the door shut with all the cast members in there. The Cast Members Parents don't like to talk about the final episode but all they can say is when the closet door opened everyone was dead including Dan At the final episode he killed all of the cast.


The Episode starts out the ICarly has 0 views because they're all losers, then they get kicked out of school, then Spencer loses his artist job, then 8 weeks later Carly became dirty and stopped wearing make up, Sam started smoking crack from here eyes, Freddy put close pins inside his eyes, and Spencer had not have showered, smelled like old onions and wendy's cheese burgers and poop , and Gibby was a hunch back and an ape fatty. They all got tired with they're lives so they decided to live in the future, So Carly, Sam, Freddie, Spencer, Gibby, Ms.Briggs, Mr.Howard, Mrs.Benson, Gibby's Mom, Gibby's Brother, T Bo and Nevel all barry themselves all the way down to the Earth's Core, but then Jonah Sam's Old Boyfriend rocket launches them into space then they hold they're breath but die after running out of oxygen, then they're eye balls explode out they're sockets and they're faces explode and they're body's melt, then they turn into goo but an alien eats the goo then he poops it out and flushes it down the toilet then the goo falls into a space volcano and they all blow up and die making all of the fans happy. Meanwhile with Jonah he's happy he got revenge then he accidentally slips on a rock then falls into a volcano and burns and melts then the teacher of carly's school pooped in her pants and eat it.


  • The Best episode in the series.
  • Many fans cried tears of joy.
  • Everyone died.
  • Miranda Cosgrove Died.
  • Jeanette MCcurdy Died.
  • Nathan Kress Died.
  • Jerry Trainor Died.
  • Noah Munck Died.

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