iGo Crazy
Season 1, Episode 7
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A thursday afternoon in Seattle, Washington. one fateful day a mutated insect escaped from a labratory in Nevada. It flew all the way to Seattle., Washington. A teenage girl by the name of Sam Puckette was a peculiar girl, she ate tacos, she ate fried chicken, and she even ate a man once.

Sam was bitten by a strange insect that night. It started with a small itchy rash. Sam must had to ask Carly for some creame. Carly said that the bite was starting to get bigger and turn green. When carly told Sam this Sam started to go insane. She startes screaing on the couch, tire up all the pillows, and smashed the elevator controls in. But Gibby was inside the elevator, Gibby was starting to get scared. Gibby had never been stuck in an elevator before. Sam started to calm down. Carly called the swat team. Suddenly the swat team burst through the ceiling and windows. Sam got scared.

Meanwhile at the labratory the scientists had observed sams strange bite. It was green and bubbling. The scientist started to use a microscope on it. It had tiny larva of the mutated insect inside. The scientists removed the larva from the area. and Sam started ti feel better. and everyone lived happily ever after. Until Spencer started to develope a strange rash. The End?