Plot Edit

While Carly goes to the doctor's office because she broke her leg and developed many bruises from bumping into things like pillows, paper, and even her bed, her doctor told her she had developed cancer. Shocked, Carly asked what Cancer she had, and the doctor replied that she had Breast Cancer (Stage IV). Carly went home, and a week later walked to a haircutting place. The girl who ran the shop told Carly to sit down. She asked Carly what haircut she wanted, and Carly said that she wanted a haircut that gave hair about an inch of hair. Confused, the girl asked why. Carly explained about her Stage IV Breast Cancer. Carly went to the hospital, and later entered her home with a smooth head. Later, all her arm and leg hair fell off, along with her eyelashes and eyebrows. She remained bald for the rest of the season.

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