Story ScriptEdit

Spencer dropped Carly off at school at 5:00 PM last night for the Lock-In party, and the minute she walked through the door, she knew she made a real big mistake. It was like 99% young boys and 15% young girls.

And even worse, SAM was there.

Carly turned over to leave, but 1 of the chaperones had already locked the door. So she was stuck there for the entire night with everybody else.

She was guessing that most of the young boys in her class decided not to go to the Lock-In party and the 1s who DID show up just never got the word in time.

Carly decided she was gonna make the most of it, and she walked into the auditorium, where everybody else was taking their stuff. The 1st thing she noticed was that there was at least 1 grownup for every young teenage boy or teenage girl, which is not really a good situation for wild and crazy parties.

Most of the chaperones were parents and guardians, but a few of them were teachers. And something told her that the teachers were only there 'cause they never got 1 choice.

Carly put her stuff down on the auditorium stage, where all of the other young teenage boys and teenage girls were staying. Then she noticed that Sam was there, so she moved her stuff to the other side of the auditorium stage.

She thought most of the teenage boys and teenage girls had already written off the night, 'cause just about everybody was playing with whatever electronic device they brought along with them.

"Ms. Jefferson, I never even thought about bringing my portable video games or 1 of my Nickelodeon Magazines, or anything else to entertain myself with, what can I do around here?" Carly asked as Ms. Jefferson gave her some ideas.

"Well, Carly, there's an activity center right in the corner for anybody who needs to take a fun relaxing break during the night." Mrs. Jefferson said as Carly went over to the activity center.

But all of the activities were just little children stuff.

Carly decided to just sit on her sleeping bag with her hands folded on her lap instead.

At 6:00 PM, the grownups said it was time for fun party games, but nobody heard them 'cause everybody had headphones on their heads.

Mr. Johansson said other people needed to participate, so he confiscated all of the cell phones, music players, and whatever else teenage boys and teenage girls had and put them in a duffel bag.

Then they all sat around in a big circle in the middle of the auditorium.

"Tonight, we're gonna play some ice breakers that will help us get to know 1 another better." Mrs. Gibson said to them.

But the truth was, all of the teenage boys and teenage girls knew 1 another very well, 'cause they had been together forever since kindergarten. In fact, Carly thought they knew 1 another a bit TOO often.

Mrs. Gibson told them they were gonna begin with something called the name game, where everybody goes around and gives themselves a nickname that begins with the same letter as their 1st name, like Smart Sheldon or Hip Hop Henry or something like that. The idea was that somebody's nickname would say something about their personality.

Sam went 1st.........

"Super Sam........" Sam said as it was very stressful trying to come up with a good sounding nickname, and Carly's turn was coming up real fast. She finally settled on Clever Carly, which she knew was kind of awesome, but it was hard to think about a decent nickname that begins with the letter 'C'.

Carly guessed the 13-year-old boy to her right, Charles Jacobson, was having the exact same problem as her.

"Calm Charles........." Charles said as Carly was a bit nervous.

"I can't use the same word as Charles, or else other people will think I'm copying him." Carly said nervously as she sat there for a little while trying to think about another good 'C' word, but everybody else was staring at her and her mind just went blank.

"Clever Carly............" Carly said as everybody seemed real proud with that, 'cause the word 'clever' begins with the letter 'C', and it made them wonder about their education system, especially since Ms. Johnson is the English teacher.

Carly knew Clever Carly was a real GOOD nickname and it was never too late.

So now she was sticking with a good nickname for the rest of the entire night, and probably 'til she goes off to college.

Right after that, they played a game called I Never Told Anybody This Before, where they had to tell everybody a secret. Mrs. Riley said that the game would help them bond with 1 another, but Carly thought the REAL purpose was to let the chaperones know who the trouble makers were to begin with.

"I was the 1 who spray painted a foul word on the door in the men's restroom." Albert said as Carly's theory was proven right later on when he went down the hallway to the men's restroom and a chaperone trailed followed him.

"Subject approaching, the corridor 3, men's restroom." Mr. Richardson said while speaking into his walkie-talkie.

They played a few more ice breakers, but nobody else could concentrate, 'cause every single 17 minutes, 1 of the cell phones in the electronics bag would begin ringing or beeping. Then Mr. Johansson would fish through the bag and try to find the cell phone that was ringing so he could shut it off.

Unfortuanately, he just gave up and put the bag in the teachers' lounge.

Right after the games were over, they had a 16 minute rest break right before their next activity. A few of them had brought snack foods, but there was a strict no snack food policy, and they had to eat them undercover.

The chaperones knew EXACTLY who had the snack foods, and they confiscated about 96% of them. Mr. Jenkins even found Carly's blueberry sweet balls, which were hidden in her pillowcase.

They finally realized that a mole was ratting them out.

It was Tyrone Johnson, and he was being paid off with the snack foods the grownups collected.

The only teenage boy who still had snack foods was Howard Adler, who had a real big bag of twisted cheese puffs. Carly thought Howard knew it was just a matter of time right before he was caught, so he locked himself in the men's restroom to enjoy his snack food. But the grownups figured out what was going on around here, and Howard panicked and put the evidence in the waste basket.

"Howard, we know you're in there!" Mr. Jenkins called from behind the men's restroom door as Mrs. Jefferson knocked on it.

Right after their relaxing break, they got back into the circle, and Ms. Johnson told them they were gonna play a new game called Guess Who? then she split them up into 10 different teams. Carly was on team 6 with Charles, Albert, Sheldon and a few other teenage boys and teenage girls.

She was just lucky she didn't need to be on the same team as Sam, 'cause that would've been very uncomfortable for her.

This was how the game worked: every single team had to go into another room and take a photograph of 1 of its members. But the photograph had to be a close-up, like of a left or right ear or a nose or a left or right hand or something like that. Then every single team would bring their photographs to the library room, and the other teams would need to guess who was in the photograph.

Then Ms. Johnson said the winning team would get ice cream sandwiches from the freezer in the school cafeteria kitchen. Carly had to admit, it sounded like a real fun game. But when she handed out the cameras, there was practically a riot, ever since it had been almost 3 hours since any of them had access to any kind of technology.

Then they found out they were those old-fashioned instant cameras that develop photographs right away, and everybody was a bit disappointed, 'cause those kinds never got a screen or anything else.

Carly's team went down to the science room, where they could take their photographs in private. The 1st thing they had to do was figure out who was gonna be in the photograph.

Charles said they should take a photograph of his bellybutton. But everybody thought that would be too obvious 'cause Charles has a serious outie, and all of the other teams would know EXACTLY who it was.

They tried taking photographs of other teenage boys and teenage girls on their team, but most of them were just too obvious.

Leonard Johansson wanted the photograph to be of him, but he was totally covered in freckles and they couldn't find 1 single part of him that would never be 1 dead give away.

They tried taking a photograph of Sheldon Jefferson's back, but they caught 1 of the team 5 members spying on them and they had to pick somebody else.

"Hey, no peeking!" Charles exclaimed to 1 of the team 5 members as they took a bunch of photographs of Albert Johnson, but the best 1 was of his bent right arm.

Nobody could even tell what the photograph was of, so that's the 1 they went with.

When all of the teams got back together forever in the library room, they put their photographs up on the wall with everybody else's. And just as soon as they saw the other photographs, they knew they were gonna win.

Some of the photographs were very easy to identify that it was actually kind of pathetic.

In fact, nobody should even ask Carly what the other people on Sam's team were thinking.

They were eager to get on with the guessing part of the game, since they knew nobody would be able to figure out who was in their photographs. But Mr. Johansson just stood there looking at their photographs.

Then Mr. Johansson said that he didn't appreciate team 6's juvenile stunt and that they were disqualified from the competition.

They all looked at 1 another, trying to figure out what Mr. Johansson was speaking about.

But Ms. Johnson was fed up, too. She said it was completely inappropriate to take a photograph of somebody's posterior.

Nobody on Carly's team knew what the word posterior meant, but luckily they were in the library room, so they looked it up in the dictionary. And they'll never believe this, but it means behind. In fact, they found out that there are about a million OTHER words for behind, too.

But the teachers were FED UP. They actually thought they took a photograph of somebody's behind, and Carly guessed if they held the photograph at a certain angle, they could see how a person could make 1 mistake like that.

Mr. Johansson said he was gonna call their parents and guardian and tell them to come take them home, and he said that the teenage boy whose behind was in the photograph was gonna be in REAL big trouble.

Carly knew that if Mr. Johansson called her guardian brother, Spencer at 11:18 PM at night time, he was not gonna be amused, and she could tell a lot of the other teenage boys and teenage girls on her team were thinking the exact same thing. Then Charles made a run for it, which kind of put everybody into a state of panic.

So the rest of them ran, too.....

"Hey, come back here!" Mr. Johansson called after them.

It was every single man for himself, and Carly ended up hiding in the music room with Albert Johnson. They shut the lights off so nobody else would come looking for them in there.

Albert was really nervous that the teachers were gonna do a behind line up to try and match the photograph to the right teenage boy. But Carly told Albert he didn't have anything to worry about, 'cause he pulls his pants all the way down when he uses the urinal, so everybody already knows what his behind looks like.

Carly and Albert were in the music room for a very long time, but they were finally caught by a couple of teachers who used Tyrone Johnson to sniff them out.

The chaperones brought them down to the library room, where all of the other team 6 members were already rounded up.

Well, everybody except Sheldon Jefferson, who for all Carly knew was still hiding behind the snack machine on the 2nd floor.

Albert told Mr. Johansson that the photograph was of his right arm. Luckily, there was a mole near Albert's right elbow that matched up with the 1 in the photograph, or Carly didn't think Mr. Johansson would've believed him.

Right after Mr. Johansson looked at the photograph and Albert's right arm a few more times, he said he had made an innocent mistake and that any reasonable person would have done the exact same thing. It seemed like a pretty good apology to Carly, but she was just lucky he wasn't still speaking about calling Spencer.

Right after that, the fun party games were over, and the grownups said it was time for them to turn in for the night. Carly thought everybody who went to the Lock-In party was planning on staying up all night, but at this point, she was lucky to fall asleep if it meant the entire night might go by faster.

Carly went over to the auditorium to get into her sleeping bag, which was parked right next to Nevel Papperman, who was actually not that bad looking.

But the grownups said the young boys needed to take their stuff and move down the hallway to the library room and the young girls had to stay in the auditorium.

Carly was hoping she could get some sleep, but a lot of the teenage boys began horsing around, and it was impossible for her to fall asleep.

At 1 point, Charles began chasing other people around with his outie, which was very disturbing.

And this was the kind of thing Carly couldn't stand about teenage boys or teenage girls her age. When it came down to it, they were just like a bunch of wild animals at the zoo.

When Charles began chasing other people around, Carly excused herself to go to the women's restroom so she could brush her teeth.