"I thought we stopped battling about Freddie? What the heck happened?" - Carly to Sam.

iRival About Freddie is the first episode of the brand-new (fan-made) sixth season of iCarly. It is the 110th episode overall. The episode was aired on 9th May, 2015.

iRival About Freddie
Season 6, Episode 110
Air date 9th May, 2015
Written by LoveLeah
Episode guide
iRun Away

Plot Edit

Carly comes back from Italy after her dad is in an accident and gets killed. Sam sells her and Cat's apartment and comes back to Seattle to comfort Carly.

One day, Sam has to go and sort out things with her old apartment. Even though she can't be bothered, Carly makes her and Sam obeys Carly's orders. Freddie and Carly hang out in Carly's bedroom and when Freddie tries to comfort Carly, he ends up kissing her and they end up making passionate love.

Sam comes back. Carly finds out that Freddie installed cameras in her room for some reason, and caught the whole affair on camera. They have a heated argument about it and Sam walks in when Carly yells that he should have told her about installing the cameras, and how he should get rid of them immediately. Sam pretends that she didn't hear, but when Carly goes to bed at night Sam sneaks in, looks at the camera and sees everything. She immediately gets jealous.

The next day, Sam confronts Carly about it. To be continued...

Quotes Edit

  • Carly: I thought we stopped battling about Freddie? What the heck happened?
  • Sam: I hecking love him!
  • Carly: So do I! We need to...think!
  • Sam: Haven't you done enough thinking about his body parts? And touching them!
  • Freddie: What happened?
  • Sam: You just had to play "rough" with that gank!
  • Carly: We did "stuff" together, Sam! And, as a result, you hate me!
  • Freddie: Ooooooh, girl fights!
  • Sam: *smacks Freddie in the face*
  • Freddie: OW! That..hurt!
  • Carly: Sam. Just stop. Stop hurting everyone!
  • Sam: Only if you gave me 10 pounds of meat.
  • Freddie: Why do you love meat so much?
  • Mrs Benson: *comes into the room* Fredward, you need to come for your bath!

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