Simply Sam is a spinoff of iCarly.


Miss Briggs suggests to Sam's mom to send her away to school. So, Sam's family moves to NYC. When she gets there she has a new school that she needs to get used to. She even has new friends: Lynzi, Cayden, and Amanda. Lynzi is you typical goody-two-shoes straight-A student. Cayden is her other friend who is a "bad girl" just like Sam. Amanda is more of like the dumb blonde friend. So Lynzi is busy keeping Sam and Cayden out of trouble and Amanda just doesn't have a clue. This spinoff is a show that really shows Sam's pranks and goes through her life in her video diary.


  1. Sam- Jennette McCurdy
  2. Lynzi- Alexa Nikolas
  3. Amanda- Cassie Scerbo
  4. Cayden- Shanica Knowles

Theme SongEdit

Simply trying Simply Flying Simply holding on Simply Writing a song Simply sitting Simply fitting Simply standing Simply Random Simply trying to be who I am Simply Reaching out to hold your hand Simply trying to show you who I am Simply soon you'll see I'm simply me....


List of Simply Sam episodes

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